October 2007

In this month’s marlo monthly for October 2007, More Moore Massage, Morton’s Friends & Family, Boofet and An Evolution of Style.


The calendar may say October, but lately the thermometer’s been reading more like August. Global warming equals changing habitats equals extinction. At least with An Evolution of Style, nothing has to die other than a few bits of poorly-designed couture. Some claim that a planet of vegetarians could stop global warming…if you ask me, any planet without steak like Morton’s prime cuts (especially when it’s free!) is one I don’t want to live on! Forgetting your worries by drowning them in chocolate may be an oldie…but is always a goodie. And if the stress of it all is getting to you, a quick half-priced visit to Moore Massage should do the trick. Whatever the temperature, we hope the special offers you find in this issue of marlo monthly will help you stay cool!

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