August 2008

In this month’s marlo monthly for August 2008, Simply the Best!, Twitter Taste LIVE!, Make-A-Wish Burger, Farm to Fork, Foodies Wanted and Purple Dog Tag.


Back in the olden days (ten miles, lots of snow, no shoes), connecting with people was far from an easy task. With today’s Web 2.0 generation, interests can be shared (and wine can be drunk!) from anywhere across the globe. A short investment in a piece of purple rubber can demonstrate your support for men and women serving our country on another continent. Eating a burger can help make a sick child’s dreams come true. And exploring how produce is locally grown and consumed can contribute to reducing your personal carbon emissions.

So while the merits of living in modern versus olden times can be debated on many points, our ability to connect–and empathize–with others around the world is one big plus for the 21st century.

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