September 2008

In this month’s marlo monthly for September 2008, UBerry v UnFries, Complimentary Kampachi Crudo, Zootopia!2008 and Gluten-Free Cooking Spree.


Just as summer is cooling down, fall is heating up with an exciting line up of events. If you have issues with gluten you’re definitely going to want to free yourself from any obligations Saturday night. For boxing fans (or those who just can’t live without that Foreman Grill!), you’ll want to make sure your voice is heard in the Match-up of the Century…George Foreman himself will be in town to declare the winner! And while summer vacations may be a thing of the past, a virtual trip to Hawaii or the outbacks of the Serengeti–both available in Boston this month–can tide you over until your next getaway.

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