March 2009

In this month’s marlo monthly for March 2009, Certainty in Uncertain Times, The Perfect Pint, Boston Marathon: Mani/Pedi Preview and Gaelic Gourmet Gala.


It’s that odd time of the year; Signs of Spring like St. Patrick’s Day and the Boston Marathon are fast approaching, but we can still get caught unprepared in an unexpected snowstorm. Add to that the continued negative state of the economy, and we think it’s safe to say March has come in like a lion…one can only hope for lamb on the back end.

In the interim, celebrate what you can and spend where you should: $5 for the perfect pint or $15 in exchange for a manicure when all of your hard-earned cash goes straight to charity? Definitely a yes. Supporting a new restaurant that is so damn confident in what they’re putting out that they’re willing to give it away for free if you don’t agree? Yes, again. And enjoying the new face of Irish cuisine with two of Boston’s kitchen queens with their Irish (and may we, completely inappropriately, say extremely hot) king to benefit returning veterans? You guessed it…yes, yes, yes!

But if this economy is truly kicking your ass and you can’t even afford the price of a library book (they are free, you know…), then pour yourself a glass of water and curl up by the flickering flames on your TV while you catch up on the best of the past month’s Hey-it’s an option. Good or not, you’ll have to be the judge!

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