May 2009

In this month’s marlo monthly for May 2009, American Seasons, Union Street Inn, Great Harbor Yacht Club, More Nantucket Favorites and Nantucket Dreamland Foundation.


Who’s never been to Nantucket? Come on, don’t be shy…let’s see a show of hands…hmm, okay quite a lot of you, interesting.

Despite the fact that it’s really only a hop, skip and jump away from Boston, if you’ve never visited Nantucket, you’re not alone. We hear from folks all the time that they’ve just never made it out to the Grey Lady. Sure…we get that it’s easier to stay with what’s comfortable, whether that means the Cape, the Berkshires or New Hampshire for you. But with “staycations” so in vogue, it’s the perfect year to expand your horizons to all of New England’s vacation destinations. And after reading our overview of the island’s best this month, you’ll be talking like a seasoned Nantucketer before you even step foot off the ferry!

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