June 2010

In this month’s marlo monthly for June 2010, Hair Club for Men & Women, Dads, Budgies, Giraffes, Babies & Buses, Oh My!, Cellulite and the City, The mm/c Guide to the World Cup and Step into Summer.


Attention marlo monthly readers: you know that 5x award-winning newsletter you love so much? Well, let’s change that to 6x, thank you very much! Yep, that’s right, your beloved “little monthly friend” (no, not that one, ladies!) just chalked up its 6th consecutive Bell Ringer Award for Best Online Newsletter earlier this week. Seriously, it’s almost getting to be an embarrassment of riches. But, somehow, we’ll persevere!

As should you, because as always, this issue is chock-full of good times and big wins. Take Hair Club, for example. We bet most of you baldies don’t even know what it is they really do these days. It’s worth taking a look — trust us — especially for the opportunity to win a complimentary hair restoration treatment of your choice. The Zoo’s always got it going on, and now more than ever with the introduction of a brand new exhibit kids are going cuckoo for (and no, it’s not a Cocoa Puffs breakfast bar!), among other things. Anyway, enough teasing… read on and happy June!

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