July 2010

In this month’s marlo monthly for July 2010, Treat Cupcake Bar, Special Edition Tallboy: Official Beer of the Clam, Therapeutic Thursdays, BiNA Summer Series and Shakespeare on the Common.


Summer’s in full-swing and, despite a flood here and some dry lawns there, so far it’s been a pretty good one. One thing that comes hand in hand with summer is the desire to be outside. Whether it’s typing on your laptop at the local coffee shop, dining al fresco 3x/day or sitting outside with foil-heavy hair while waiting for your color to set, outdoors is where it’s at for us warmth-starved New Englanders. In this issue, you’ll find lots of opportunities to take traditionally indoor activities — like watching movies and supporting the arts — outside.

Another thing that comes hand in hand with summer: farmers markets. For those of us who love the ability to buy super fresh produce and other goodies straight from the people who produce them, check out this video to learn how you can help bring a permanent, year-round farmer’s market to Boston. Summer, pshaw!

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