September 2010

In this month’s marlo monthly for September 2010, Boston Wine Week, SalonCapri’s Blow-Out & Go-Out, The Culinary Guild of New England and Treat Others Well.


True or false? Public relations and media relations are the same thing. FALSE!

Yep, that’s right. While most folks use the terms public relations and media relations interchangably, that’s actually incorrect. Media relations, which is one subset of PR, refers to the ‘relationships’ publicists develop with the media in order to secure editorial coverage for their clients. Not to brag or anything but, at mm/c, we’re pretty damn good at it; the recently launched “clients in the news” feature on our website proves it! Updated pretty much daily, it’s a great way to see the breadth and scope of the coverage we obtain for our wide range of clients.

So while we can’t use this forum for a full-on marketing lesson, in honor of the millions who return to higher learning this month, we figured we’d make you all a little smarter too, free of charge. You can leave the apple on our desk on your way out!

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