November 2010

In this month’s marlo monthly for November 2010, Anna’s Taqueria Celebrates 15 Years, Sudo Shoes, Island Creek Oyster Bar, BURN – The Film.


November brings lots of good news: a highly-anticipated restaurant opening, a milestone anniversary and a soon-to-be-coveted new vegan shoe store. It also signifies the end of October, which is considered “fire month” in my hometown of Detroit. When I was a kid, the lead story on the news that aired the night before Halloween (aka “Devil’s Night) was, without fail, arson.

What’s happened in the 16 years since I left Detroit for good has been the topic of substantive media debate, as well as the butt of many jokes. What’s forgotten by many is how much good is still there…and that is what we need to remember if the city has any chance of turning itself around. I truly hope you take the time to review our featured non-profit story this month. It’s personal to me. I hope it will be to you, as well.

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