March 2011

In this month’s marlo monthly for March 2011, Gift of Food, Persian New Year, Narragansett Bock, Irish Film Festival, Boston.


So far coming in like a (admittedly, very cold) lamb, here’s to hoping that lions are nowhere to be found in the upcoming weather forecast. With Persian New Year, St. Patrick’s Day and the Boston Marathon on the horizon, things are looking in our favor. While it may be too hot, too cold or too wet for the runners — snow (at least as far as we know) — has never been an issue!

So whether we’ll end the month with a lamb or a sheep (see Boston Irish Film Festival, below), you’ve still got a few more weeks to curl up with a generous pour of red wine and snuggle under the blankets. But as this issue of marlo monthly reminds, spring is right around the corner!

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