October 2011

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Two hundred & fifty bucks. Certainly not chump change unless, of course, you’re part of the 1% the Occupy [insert city name] folks are protesting against. But even in this challenging economy, putting the proverbial $$ where your mouth is for pet causes remains doable for many of us. So if the idea of a year-round public market in Boston is something that lights your fire, read on…

On Thursday, November 10, I’m gladly ponying up $250 for dinner to help the Boston Public Market Association move closer to the dream of a year-round public market downtown.Nutshell version: tables of 10 at some of the city’s best restaurants are being sold for $2500; each meal will start with a specially-designed Bully Boy Distillers cocktail, followed by a local/sustainable multi-course menu paired with wine. While $2500 is steep, if we can get 10 people to pay $250 to the cause, we’ve got an instant fundraiser/cool night out with like-minded strangers. Email me at mfogelman@marlomc.com if you’re interested in buying a seat…I’ll be at Aragosta Bar & Bistro at the Fairmont Battery Wharf, but dozens of amazing spots like Island Creek Oyster Bar, Lumiere, Oleana, Russell House Tavern, Coppa and more are still available.

Here’s to the day we can all say “see you at the market” — in February!

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