March 2012

In this month’s marlo monthly for March 2012, URESERV, Narragansett Cream Ale, Uni Late Night Ramen, and Fur Ball.


Welcome to summer….wait, what?! As if we didn’t get enough of a hall pass this past winter, now we’re getting a solid taste of summer mid-March. What better time than the change of seasons to start thinking about a new career — which is good news because we’re on the hunt for some serious talent! We’re hiring for the hospitality team as we speak, and we’ve got a position on the consumer team coming down the pike. Please spread the word: talented, passionate, smart people WANTED!

I would be more than remiss without sending a HUGE thanks to everyone who voted for for BostInno’s Insider Awards last month. If you haven’t heard, beat out top blogs around the city from companies much bigger than us (think Constant Contact, Hubspot…) in the Marketing/Advertising category. Hey, we’ll take quality over quantity anyday, baby! If you’re STILL not getting m.blogĀ in your inbox every day…seriously, what are you waiting for?!

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