June 2012

In this month’s marlo monthly for June 2012, Pain D’Avignon, Asellina, American Seasons and Lucy Alert.


Summer months bring wanderlust; a desire to explore new places, tastes and pleasures. This issue of marlo monthly shares three of our top food-related travel destinations — all are worth a long weekend, but if a day trip is all you can squeeze in, I’d still propose your travel time would be more than well-spent.

But while some of us are off gallivanting, others aren’t so lucky. When a beloved pet goes missing, any thoughts of fun go out the window. Speaking from experience, I prayed for a service that would give me the DL on what to do when my pup ran away. After we were reunited, I even thought about starting my own to help other people who found themselves in my situation. Luckily, I didn’t have to once I heard about Lucy Alert. I’m truly so pleased to be able to share such a valuable resource with all of you pet owners.

Finally, speaking of sharing, I’d like to share a recent article that ran in the Summer issue of Exhale magazine. It’s not often that a writer gets the story right (trust me, I know!), so I’m grateful to Abby Kurzman & Sandra Casagrand for their professionalism and passion for my story. I hope you enjoy it…even if not nearly as much as my mom!

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