August 2012

In this month’s marlo monthly for August 2012, PAL Grand Prix, Narragansett Beer 1975 Retro Can, Area Four Country Club and Friends for Haiti.


It seems impossible that we’re halfway into August, with Labor Day around the corner. Summer just started, after all…but like all good things, we suppose it must come to an end. Before that happens, though, we’ve got a couple of classic summer activities you won’t want to let pass you by. If you haven’t yet held in hand ‘Gansett’s retro can, you’ll need to if you’re going to ever truly crush it. And if you still can’t afford to join “the club,” forget the WASPs — you can while the rest of your summer days away at a club where soft serve is the currency of choice. Now that’s my kind of club!

But September’s not all bad, either; we’ve got the return of Island Creek Oyster’s Friends for Haiti benefit, as well as an opportunity to race though the streets of Boston with the blessing of the Boston Police Department. Yep, it’s a great way to raise money for an amazing cause while having some good, clean fun…the kind that’ll keep you out of articles like this!

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