January 2013

In this month’s marlo monthly for January 2013, Stewed: A Collection of Soups, Braises & Stews from Sweet Basil, Café de Boston, Anna’s Taqueria Celebrity Burrito-Rolling Series, Jumpstart YPB Gala.


A fresh start. That’s what the month of January means to most. Here at mm/c, we’re no different. But before we delve too deep into the new year, take a quick look back on the past 12 months with our annual year-in-review.

Come January in New England there’s one thing on everyone’s mind: staying warm. In this issue, we share some fun ideas that’ll help you do just that. Whether it’s breaking a sweat on the dance floor or digging into a steaming bowl of soup, staying toasty is the name of the game! Well, staying warm and staying healthy…. Good Morning America stopped by the mm/c offices earlier this month to see how we stay well, flu be damned! In the market for a wheatgrass lesson? Call us!

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