February 2013

In this month’s marlo monthly for February 2013, Love Is “Art” Intimate Kit, Bread of the Month Club, Chocolate Stout Cheese, Raw Vegan Chocolate Body Butter & Book Combo, “Two Brothers” Pinot Noir, and Run for Team Zoo!


Unlike so many of the Jewish holidays that change annually because of the Hebrew calendar (Grandma Goldie: “can youbelieve how early Passover is this year?!”), the secular holidays tend to be relatively consistent. Case in point: Valentine’s Day. Smack in the middle of February every year, it’s ironic how it sneaks up on so many (read: men), while serving as the beacon of one’s romantic future (read: women). If you have yet to begin shopping for a thoughtful gift with meaning (read: men) and you don’t plan to drop the kind of cash on something sparkly that comes in a padded box…you’ll want to read on. Our Valentine’s Day gift suggestions combine frisky, healthy, ongoing, savory…and even conflicted! It should be no surprise that time is running out (read: men), so this issue of marlo monthly is designed to help you read, click and buy to ensure that a happy V day is had by all!

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