October 2013

In this month’s marlo monthly for October 2013, Towne stove and spirits, Birthday in a Box and We Art Boston.


Politics. It’s a topic that traditionally isn’t brought up in polite conversation.  Why? Because two people who typically agree in every area can be diametric opposites when it comes to their political beliefs.  Me, I could care less about BS party politics (shutdown much, anyone?), more or less hate most politicians and don’t affiliate myself with a political party.  What I do appreciate are people — good, qualified folks from any party — who ‘get’ that government can do good and also bad, and are willing to insert themselves into a role to try and affect change.  There’s been a very short list of people I’ve felt this way about, but Charlie Baker has always been someone I’ve been willing to put 100% of my support behind, so much so that I’m even willing to talk about it in the “polite conversation” of marlo monthly.

If you have any interest in meeting Charlie, hearing more about what makes him tick and what he can do for Massachusetts, I’d love to have you join us for a special Halloween-themed breakfast (Yes, I even theme my political fundraisers! Don’t judge, it’s in my PR DNA!) I’m hosting on Charlie’s behalf.  Email me personally for more information at mfogelman@marlomc.com; consider it an opportunity to learn about a candidate, eat some pumpkin-y treats and walk away with a better understanding of one of our gubernatorial candidates in 2014.  Whether you decide he’s your guy or not, I can pretty much guarantee it’ll be a one-of-a-kind way to celebrate the day of ghosts and goblins!

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