February 2014

In this month’s marlo monthly for February¬†2014, MOTTO, “Standard” Education, New Center for Arts & Culture and Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame.


So, February’s arrived and we all know what that means: if not the home stretch, we’re at least on the back end of crazy cold. That’s certainly not to say that if you can get away for a couple of weeks to Florida it isn’t warranted…but if you’re stuck up North, take solace in the fact that the dog days of winter will be over…kinda pretty soon!

In the interim, read on for our suggestions about how to make the remaining short days of the season pass by more quickly. Most of our New Year’s resolutions may be out the window, but redeem yourself with a killer behind-the-scenes look into F&B with the experts that hail from Eastern Standard. Plan ahead for a variety of interesting talks, lectures and conversations, courtesy of the New Center for Arts & Culture. And you’ll want to keep your health up (hey, you made it this far with nary a sniffle!), so try a bottle of MOTTO on us…hey, you’ve got nothing to lose! Look forward to seeing you pop into our office next week!

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