March 2014

In this month’s marlo monthly for March 2014, Pretzel Crisps, Harlem Shake Happy Meals, CrossFit Coolidge Corner and Chocolate Madness.


While we can’t promise we’ve seen the last of the effects of the seemingly never-ending polar vortex, with February now safely behind us spring no longer seems so far from grasp. It’s appropriate, then, that this month’s issue speaks to both winter indulgences as well as shaping up for summer.

First, let’s indulge! Before you start the ‘counting every calorie ritual’ that comes with bathing suit season, get ‘happy’ at Harlem Shake. And while it’s not ’til April (we wanted to give you good warning to get this one on the books!), indulging in chocolate on behalf of a woman’s right to choose brings no calories (see rules #1 and #7, below). But for those with summer on the mind now, we’ve got some news from Pretzel Crisps that’ll let you get your healthy snack on in even more delicious ways. And finally, for those hard-core folks…forget all of the snacking and get thee self to Boston’s newest CrossFit studio. Summer awaits!

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