February 2015

In this month’s marlo monthly for February¬†2015, Pretzel Crisps, Destination Kennebunkport: Paint the Town Red, Breakfast for Dinner and TrueSpark.


A couple of weeks ago I took to Facebook and posted the following: “SO my much wiser team has been up my ass for years trying to get me to launch a legit Facebook biz page rather than using my personal page for marlo marketing. It always seemed like such a hassle to transition but I finally caved as part of our current rebrand (whole marketing firm with no shoes kinda thing…wait…what?!) so here we go. Strategically planned to launch on the same day we’re all stuck at home because of Juno (are we good at what we do or what?!)… The point of my story? Please LIKE the marlo marketing page so a 10+ year old company doesn’t look like a big o’l loser with no likes. Thank you and stay warm and safe!”

We’re up to 275, and could still use your help. Unfortunately, that’s the only thing that’s changed; “stay warm and safe” still applies today as much as it did on day one of the blizzard that just won’t leave us (how can we miss you if you won’t say goodbye?), if not even more so! So, again, thank you, and stay warm and safe!

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