Mayochup? Ketchayo? You pick!

Heinz has finally given into the people: a new ketchup-mayo product, that’s yet to be named, is about to hit shelves due to popular demand. Stemming from a playful Twitter poll, turns out 500,000+ people have been wanting this sauce for quite some time (yes – I’m surprised, too!).

Apparently some people have been unsatisfied with dipping their fries in ketchup, and others are feeling the same way about their mayo. It has been decided that what this world really needs is a combination of the two – a high caloric sauce to accompany an even higher caloric snack!

The fun doesn’t stop there – you have a chance to join the movement! Heinz is taking recommendations of what exactly they should name this new hit condiment. “Mayochup” seems to be leading the way, but they’re open to any and all suggestions.

Don’t miss your golden opportunity to cast your vote (tweet) here:

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