What’s a restaurant to do when they find out their Iowa born and bred acorn-fed pig is being sent to slaughter days before the Superbowl? Why, throw a “pig” skin tailgate, of course!

If you don’t really care about football (especially since the Pats aren’t playing this year), or even if you do, but you care about food more, BiNA osteria’s Super Pig Fest is the place to be this Sunday.  For only $20.00 per person, it’s a pig fest like none you’ve ever seen! Menu includes:

Pig chips & dip

Pigs in a blanket

Coppa di testa

Pork croquettes

Port confit pannini

Bacon & egg pizza

AZ “Huckin Hot” ribs

Herb marinated pig butter

Super Pig Fest at BiNA osteria
February 1, 2009
5 PM
$20 per person
RSVP to 617-956-0888

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