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Meat Stinks

Meat Stinks

The last thing I want to smell in the morning is beef. I can barely handle coffee before 9am. Steak? No way.  I guess that is just a Northeasterner’s way of thinking, because it seems that each day in Mooresville, North Carolina, lucky drivers on Highway 150 pass by a billboard that emanates the scent of — wait for it — seared cow.

Yep, you heard me right. The Bloom grocery chain designed this “grill-board” to promote the store’s new line of beef. A high-power fan attached to the bottom of the billboard spreads a charcoal and black-pepper scent to passing motorists.

It is pretty ingenious actually. Commuters can put on their iPods to drown out noise and can blatantly ignore signs, but regardless if one likes it or not, meat odor in this context will catch your attention.

Putting any personal feelings towards red meat aside, I think it is weird (and disgusting) to make a billboard smell like steak. I hope this type of advertising, coined “scent marketing”, stays clear of Boston. I don’t know if I’d be able to handle my commute if the Mass Pike suddenly starts to reek of beef. Boston cream pie, however, may be acceptable!

Posted by Amanda