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Image Source: The Way We Met

I know that what I’m about to say may sound creepy and voyeuristic, but I PROMISE that I don’t mean it as such – I’ve always been a fan of learning about other people’s love lives. And by that, specifically I mean, the way in which people stumble upon their significant others, or their ‘S.O.,’ to keep it 2018. Whether it’s a seemingly nightmare blind date that turns into ‘the one,’ high school sweethearts with a 30+ year history together, two New Yorkers stealing glances at each other on the subway and starting a conversation (this is actually how my parents’ best friends met over 40 years ago), I enjoy a good ‘meet cute’ story.

So, needless to say, I was hooked when a friend recently introduced me to an Instagram account called ‘The Way We Met.’  A digital journal of ‘the internet’s best love stories,’ this page features submissions from couples who want to share their path to finding each other with the world. From couples who meet at the dog park when their puppies started playing with each other to those who live in different countries and started their relationship via Skype, the posts encompass endless types of first encounters. The account features every type of couple you can imagine – those who met as toddlers, husbands and wives with a 20 year age difference, straight couples, homosexual couples, transgender couples, friends who became more, someone who lost their soulmate to cancer and found love again, a man and a woman who met at age 78 and so on. One of my favorite posts about two horses (see the photo below and be prepared to melt) highlights a twosome that isn’t romantic in nature at all. However, it’s a reminder that love is all around, even in the most unlikely of places when things feel hopeless.

Image Source: The Way We Met

If you’re feeling exasperated with a pile of dating apps and an endless carousel of first dates, believe me, I feel you more than you know and I was right there myself not too long ago. My advice? Give yourself a quick pause from swiping left and right on face after face on your phone and take a peek at this heart-warming, hope-inspiring feed. And the next time you see a cute stranger while waiting in line for coffee, shoot them a quick smile because you never know what it could lead to…

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