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Meet the Prince Charming of Your Dreams

Meet the Prince Charming of Your Dreams

Be still our millennial hearts…Thanks to a recent BuzzFeed article, the world has been graced with Jirka Väätäinen’s  incredibly realistic and swoon-worthy illustrations of our favorite Disney princes, also known as every ‘90s girl’s dream come true:

With those abs, Tarzan is welcome to walk around our apartment in a loincloth any time

John Smith has the whole lumbersexual thing down to a T…

Prince Eric’s piercing baby blues have us desperate to be part of his world…

The OG of Disney, this clean-cut, blue-blooded Prince Charming is the ultimate catch…
All Image source Jirka Vinse

Author’s note: I contacted the artist to inquire about purchasing prints (which may or may not have been destined for the walls in the common room of my college suite…) but due to Disney copyright restrictions, he is unable to sell any of his artwork #sadface

Check out the rest of Jirka’s life-like illustrations here (he does the Disney princesses and heroines, too!), and appreciate the fact that you now don’t have to feel as awkward for your sexual awakening having been caused by an animated character from a Disney movie…#noshame


Image source Tumblr

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