Michael Kors To Buy Versace’s Finest Work Yet – The Brand

Image Source: New York Times 

Let’s be real – nothing says “cosmopolitan” quite like Italian and American luxury fashion brands uniting forces in a $2.1 billion deal. On Tuesday, Michael Kors announced that it would buy Versace in a bid to expand into what will be America’s first global luxury group. Michael Kors Holdings will change its name to Capri Holdings Limited, with three major fashion houses under its name – Michael Kors collection, Jimmy Choo and Versace.

The strategic union promises the long-term growth of Versace, and broader exposure for Kors to loyal consumers in Europe and Asia, but it has sparked some backlash from loyal consumers, many of which have expressed their discontent on social media.

Let us not panic! Donatella isn’t going anywhere and Versace will still be Versace. Keeping her chair as creative director of the house, Ms. Versace and her family will stay on as shareholders in the combined company. “This demonstrates our belief in the long-term success of Versace and commitment to his new global fashion luxury group,” Donatella said in a statement.

One thing Versace has always been known for, aside from being the epitome of luxury fashion, is their respect for culture and heritage, specifically Gianni’s legacy. The jury’s out on whether the merger will be a success, or, as some Versace fans have said, “Gianni is rolling in his grave.”

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