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MILK: It Does a Brain Good.

MILK: It Does a Brain Good.


Recently saw ‘Milk’. Had been meaning to see it for a while but definitely wasn’t on priority list. Following Sean Penn’s Oscar win, curiosity increased. Hearing of DVD release (seriously, why they even bother putting them in theatres these days…), remembered hadn’t yet seen.  Finally went.  Seriously, if you haven’t seen it yet, this is a run—don’t walk—movie.  Here’s why:

  • For someone in their 30’s (guilty), it offers a super cool look at America and how much this country has changed in my lifetime—from security, to work/life balance (His boyfriend committed suicide because he wasn’t home at the promised 6:00. No wonder I’m still single.), to hair and clothing.
  • Offers strong insight and understanding into the need behind the creation of the Human Rights Campaign. Amazing to me to believe that, such a relatively short time ago, some of the people I love the most in this world would have been beyond persecuted in this country—legally—for their sexual preferences.
  • A movie’s movie. Meaning, it’s what a movie’s supposed to be. Interesting story, amazing acting and an ending that moves you beyond words—despite the fact that you know how it ends (assuming you don’t live under a rock).

And now that it’s available On Demand, there is no better use of your time this week than watching this movie. I know it’s moved others as well—including the really good-hearted, yet slightly homophobic, guy I dragged with me to the theatre. Would love to hear how it moved you.

Posted by Marlo