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Milky Martini: To Sip, Not Spoon

Milky Martini: To Sip, Not Spoon

Consuming breakfast items outside of what most would deem acceptable morning hours is so commonplace that terms like ‘brunch’ and ‘brinner’ have made their way into our colloquial vocabulary. But when I heard about PS 7’s Sav U’R Cereal cocktail, I had to seriously reassess my personal boundaries as to what constitutes acceptable meal-blending creations.

Never one to dismiss a cocktail trend, the thought of a sugary, cereal-milk libation makes my stomach turn. But that is just what the folks at Washington D.C.’s PS 7’s have done with their milky martini. Their Sav U’R Cereal cocktail is a double shot of Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries milk, (a decision arrived after taste-testing over 20 different cereal milks) mixed with Old Overholt rye whiskey and a Caribbean rum-based liquor called St. Elizabeth Allspice Dream.

Now that grown ups can slurp up cereal milk in public at any time of day, the question is: do they want to?

Posted by Emily