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Millennials Killed It In 2018 marlo marketing. Millennials killed it in 2018.

Millennials Killed It In 2018

Why is it that other (usually older) generations look at millennials like we are the root of all things negative in the world? Millennials are stereotyped as lazy, entitled, frivolous, living at home with their parents and carelessly buying avocado toast instead of houses. As such, millennials are being blamed for causing the “death” of previously commonplace things.

This summer, Philadelphia Magazine reported the death of mayonnaise with the writer lamenting the fact that her mayo-laden offerings of macaroni salad and deviled eggs were being overlooked at potlucks. She blamed it on millennials, citing a “mass generational mayonnaise rejection.”

Another thing millennials are supposedly killing is American cheese. Sales of American cheese have been on the decline for four years, with sales dropping 1.6 percent this year. Bloomberg takes aim at millennials’ demand for nourishment and pronounceable ingredients as the cause for American cheese’s demise. My question here is: why is it so bad that we don’t want to eat unrecognizable, processed products?

Millennials are also accused of murdering marriage. The reason our generation is the alleged culprit? As a cohort, we are getting married at a later age than previous generations and we are waiting longer after meeting to get married. And some of us aren’t getting married at all. This murder of marriage is also leading to some reports of millennials having killed divorce, too.

I’m not sure what our generation is going to be accused of ruining next, but can 2019 be the year that we kill the “Millennials Killed X” trend?

Posted by Sylvie