Millennials Make Gucci Tragically Hip














Photo via Gucci’s Instagram

If you haven’t seen Gucci on your social feeds, on your friends, or Gucci knock-offs in Forever 21 – you’re really not paying attention. Gucci is freaking EVERYWHERE. (Including in Harry Styles’ newest music video, which I can’t believe you haven’t seen yet). This new Gucci growth spurt isn’t just implied on social, its reflected in their numbers – sales are up 49 percent in just the last quarter.

Photos via Gucci’s Instagram

Who cares? You should, because there is a reason bigger than fashion and trends for Gucci’s astounding success under creative director Alessandro Michele and chief exec. Marco Bizzarri. Guess what it is? The internet’s favorite word – MILLENIALS! That’s right, we’re not buying diamonds, but we are buying Gucci – and making decisions behind the scenes. Gucci has created a “shadow committee” of millennials. Fur-free? New ways of cutting leather? Millennial committee to the rescue! Take note, people – if you’re dying to break the cash cow that is the millennial market – maybe start listening to them.

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