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Mirror Mirror on the Crappy Apartment Wall…

Mirror Mirror on the Crappy Apartment Wall…

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We could all use a little fairy tale magic in our lives. It’s nice to keep on believing in Prince Charming, the inevitable downfall of your ugly stepsisters and the trail of breadcrumbs that’ll guide you home after a tipsy night out. But alas, the enchanted years of our twenties involve more toads than princes, more prosperous mean girls than well-deserved karma and way more out of service T cars than breadcrumb trails.

Let’s face it. Sometimes our twenties are more like an episode of Girls (minus Shosh’s sweet NYC digs) than the ultra-glam lives of Gossip Girls and they’re definitely nothing like Cinderella’s epic rise from sweeping floors to full-on princess-hood.

Fortunately (thanks to a tip from my wannabe BFFs at The Frisky) Fairy Tales for Twenty-Somethings gets what it’s like to be a 22-year-old Goldilocks struggling to keep her blond strands highlighted and to find the cheapest brand of porridge that’s not too hot and not too cold. The hysterically cynical Tumblr page takes classic storybook plots and twists them to fit the reality that is quarter-life livin’. Take Sleeping Beauty’s over-used snooze button, for example:

Sleeping Beauty kept turning off her alarm and falling back to sleep without even noticing it, so she put her phone on the other side of the room so she’d be forced to stand up to turn it off. But then she just woke up lying on the floor across the room.

Or Chicken Little’s fears:

Chicken Little feared the sky was falling. She also feared that when people “liked” a photo she posted, they didn’t really like it.

And Puss In Boots’ rookie social media mistakes:

Puss In Boots’ boss friended him so he figured it was time to do some profile grooming. Take out any photos in which he was half-clothed or obviously inebriated. Delete the ones from those months when he tried to grow his hair long. Make himself look respectable, or at least not so feral. But then he was like, If she doesn’t like me for who I am, then I don’t want to work there!

Two weeks later he was fired.

Depressing? Completely. But let’s be real – living in a flowery, Bambi-like fairy tale world will land you with a massive reality check over your dreamt-up happily ever after.

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