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Mirror, Mirror…

Mirror, Mirror…

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Panasonic recently revealed their newest high tech product and it’s already making some serious waves in the beauty industry. Dubbed the “Mirror of the Future,” the contraption is not the aluminum-coated glass we’re accustomed to but a device that mimics a mirror via a digital display that projects your reflection. From there, the judgy little gadget can instantly point out your facial flaws (lack of symmetry, ageing, sunspots, etc.), note your facial changes over time (i.e., confirm that you are forever getting older), and allow you to try out new beauty trends with the push of a button. Let’s examine the pro and cons, shall we?

First, the good: Panasonic’s initial plans revolve around launching the disparaging device in department stores to help sell beauty products by showing you, for example, what using that pricy wrinkle cream could do for your discoloration or fine lines. Alternatively, to the benefit of consumers, it can also let you know which products are not making any progress – a feature that is sure to leave high-end skincare companies shaking in their over-priced little booties. The virtual device can also project how you would look with a new hair color, cut or makeup look – huzzah to 10-second makeovers for all!

And then, the bad: I’m all for having an unbiased opinion on the current condition of my crow’s feet and the symmetry of my unfortunately sparse blonde brows, but at what point do you go from constructive criticism to a constant barrage of imperfections? No one wants to start their morning routine with coffee, two sugars and six reminders that your frown lines are deeper, pores bigger and eye bags more apparent. In addition, many of my favorite facial features are perceptively imperfect and have taken me years to accept and even grow to love (shout-out to my freckle-faced comrades!). Bottom line, I hope these gadgets are built to withstand the occasional well-aimed high heel.

So, will the mirror of the future be a fountain of helpful hints or hurtful insults? Personally, I think it comes down to your personal level of self-acceptance and, of course, the voice setting…because everyone knows even bad news just sounds better with a British accent.

Posted by Jenna