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Missed Connections: Because Who Has Balls Anymore?

Missed Connections: Because Who Has Balls Anymore?

All images source Craigslist

You’re in the line at the CVS on Summer Street. You make eyes with the cute guy two people ahead of you, but both of you are too shy to say anything. He walks out after paying and you’re left in a puddle of self-hatred and remorse. What do you do? You drag your ass to Craigslist and post on missed connections.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s f*&cking 2015, this guy should make like Prince Eric and kiss the girl! But no. In a world drowning in technology, citizens of the good ol’ US of A are too afraid to go out on a limb and give that cute chick their number, or say hi to that hot guy working out next to them at the gym. Instead, they turn to CRAIGSLIST—the least credible and sketchy as f%$k site that has been linked to numerous murders and thefts. Sounds kosher to me.

If you think that these types of situations no longer happen, you are ill-informed. Take a gander and you will find three pages of “missed connections” just from the past two days. I’ve included a few of my favorites, featuring our very own Russell House Tavern. Happy searching everyone!

Posted by Emily