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Mom, I Know You’re Reading This So Don’t Worry; I’m Not Preggo

Mom, I Know You’re Reading This So Don’t Worry; I’m Not Preggo

I am a true believer that just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t mean you should be dressed like a miserable hobo. That being said, you should also be dressed appropriately. Embarking on the beautiful journey to give life does not give you a passport to show off your naked stomach, under any circumstances.

Well thank God for A Pea in the Pod. Look how stylish this woman is! You can hardly tell she has a bun in the oven. I walk by the shop on Newbury every single day, twice a day, on my walk to and from work, and let me tell ya—those window displays have caught my eye more than once.

Because I take my job as an m. blog contributor quite seriously, I thought I would do a little recon. Yesterday, I worked up enough courage to walk into the store and peruse. Doing a quick scan of the street, I made sure no one even remotely familiar was nearby and then I ducked into the store.

People, you are missing OUT. Upon walking in, I was greeted by the perfect temperature setting and calming yet upbeat music. Because everyone knows that pregnant people are cranky and hungry pretty much 24/7, the cashier desk had an inviting bowl of Luna Bars free for the taking! THEN, when I explained to the salesperson what I was doing there (“I’m not pregnant, but I walk by the store every day and there is a cute striped dress in the window that I’m curious about”), she didn’t judge me, or even give me the up/down! She pretty much had the dress in hand and me in a dressing room before I finished my defensive justification of my visit.

And what do ya know? The dress I liked wasn’t even a special maternity line; it was BCBG, which made me feel a little less self-conscious about my secret desire to shop there. I then proceeded to try on a VINCE sweater which I loved, but it was almost $300, so that didn’t happen.

Everything in that store is designed to make you not look fat—whether it’s with ruching or spandex—and it’s all soooooooo comfortable.

I’m going to fly my freak flag high and let it be known: maternity wardrobe’s got it goin’ on.

Posted by Hannah