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Mom, May I Keep A Frog In My Phone?

Mom, May I Keep A Frog In My Phone?

I’ve always dreamed of having my own pet since I was five or six. I was rejected by my parents at that age, and now I’m rejected by my landlord. I can’t keep any pet in my apartment, even a fish (which is literally listed on the lease). Fortunately, there’s a mobile game named “Tabi Kaeru” that allows me to now fulfill my dream of keeping a frog, while not pissing my landlord off.

The mobile pet idea itself may sound old school, but it surprisingly hit the young generation in China recently and ranked first place of the free game category chart at Apple’s App Store. Tabi Kaeru means “travel frog” in Japanese, and it’s a game with a simple concept. You can keep your own frog, who’s interested in traveling, and pack his luggage as well as do meal-prep for his journey. The frog shows his gratitude by buying you souvenirs, sending postcards, and sometimes bringing his friends back to you. You can also join his daily life by watching him sleep, write postcards, dine, and doze off while reading in his little hut. Interestingly enough, users can barely control the frog. He leaves whenever he wants, and you will never know when he comes back. (Pretty much sounds like me to my mom. Sorry, mom.)

The game was developed by a Japanese company, Hit-Point, which happens to be the producer of the popular cat collecting game. These two games fascinate players by cute and delicate design, along with the user-friendly interface. Despite only launched in a Japanese version, Travel Frog proves itself by overcoming language barrier and becoming a big hit among players speaking different languages. Maybe there will be English version soon just like the cat collecting game! Until that happens, take a glimpse of what it’s all about:

Source: BBC

Posted by Elaine Ho