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Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Image source Mashable

One of the many things I’ve learned from hanging out with my soon-to-be little sister-in-law is that a large percentage of the population born after 1995 love “drama.” (Also loved by Housewives of Jersey, New York, Atlanta….) Being neither under 20 years of age or a well-to-do housewife with a boob job and a weave (ahem, extensions), I only dig drama if it amps up a happy ending.

See for example, this absolute gem of a story out of the Maryland Zoo about 2-month old chimpanzee Keeva.

After a healthy pregnancy and seemingly uncomplicated delivery, it quickly became apparent that Keeva’s mother was unable to care for her. After months of being hand-reared by the team at Maryland Zoo, Keeva recently made the trip down to Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida where she will soon be introduced to her surrogate mother, Abby. Keeva is being familiarized with the chimps at Lowry Park in the zoo’s “Chimpanzee Forest” area, and the staff has happily reported that her new family has been very taken with her from the start. Check out the video below, and I guarantee you will be, too. Oh! And if you want more petite primates in your life this summer, head on over to the Franklin Park Zoo, where Gorilla KiKi is set to welcome a new baby into the world any day now! For drama like this, you can call me Bethenny!

Posted by Erin K