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More Buns, Less Guns

More Buns, Less Guns

World Peace. It seems like everyone’s got an opinion about how to reach this potentially-mythical utopia. Civil wars, world wars, protests and pacifism, it’s all been done. Maybe what the world needs is to just let loose a little and incorporate a few more man buns in the negation room.

A real Internet visionary out there recently photoshopped man buns on powerful world leaders and, let me tell you, the results are profound. A world with less guns and more buns would truly be a beautiful thing.

Barack Obama: Rocking the mid-height bun is the equivalent of a mullet—business in the front, party in the back.

George W. Bush: Tying his hair up and drinking a beer thinking “well shit, I tried.”
thurs 2

Kim Jong Un: Trading the high top fade for the top knot is so #betchy.
thurs 3

George Washington: A neatly crafted bun would let kind George III know that Americans mean business.
thurs 4

Abe Lincoln: Too busy shaking things up to worry about keeping his bun neat!
thurs 5

Vladamir Putin: A slick top knot to match his personality: Uptight and Slimy.
thurs 6
All Images Source Imgur User IamAlexander

I’m ready to jump on the #LessGunsMoreBuns campaign, who’s with me?!


Posted by Tracy