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More Like Nails by Donald Duck

More Like Nails by Donald Duck

Image source Jezebel

Chatter (and email chains) about of-the-moment nail colors is a daily occurrence here at mm/c HQ — occupational hazard of corralling a bunch of women in an office, I suppose. We’re all about experimenting with hues, products, lengths, etc., sporting everything from neon lacquers to subdued matte shades to long-lasting Shellac. But one trend you won’t see any of us rocking in the near future: duck feet nails.

Haven’t stumbled upon someone with duck-inspired digits? Just picture the polar opposite of dagger nails, then add a bunch of wacky designs, rhinestones and other less-than-demure details, and voila! Tracy DiMarco from Jerseylicious loves this look. ‘nuff said.

Comically long acrylic nails are bad enough, now we need to make them even more impractical by flaring the tips? I’ll stick with my super manageable short nails and save the statement making for color choice only, thanksverymuch.

Posted by Abby