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More Proof the ‘90s Were All That

More Proof the ‘90s Were All That

From the menthol-cool vocal stylings of Boyz II Men to iconic Nickelodeon TV shows (btw, don’t even get me started on the shit rotting kids’ brains today), the ‘90s were a simpler time and one I look back upon with glistening tears in my eyes (okay, not really, but they were rad). So, when a Zagat Buzz article combining the holy triumvirate of “Things Abby Finds Awesome” crossed my computer screen recently, I nearly leapt out of my chair with elation. The ‘90s!  Food! Obscure pop culture references! All laid out in slideshow highlighting “10 Foods That Are Totally ‘90s.”

While my list of foods that defined the decade would skew a bit more kid-friendly (think Pizza Lunchables, Fruit By The Foot, Dunkaroos and Handi-Snacks), there are a few gems included in the lineup.  Remember Olestra, the FDA-approved fat substitute that set potato chip aisles (and sewage systems) ablaze in the mid-‘90s. What about Fruitopia, a line of fruit-flavored drinks with crazy-heady names like Raspberry Psychic Lemonade and Tangerine Wavelength.

Though some of the choices were kind of odd (asiago cheese?), it was great to take my stomach for a little stroll down memory lane.

Posted by Abby