More Turbulence for United Airlines

Another one bites the dust for United Airlines – last week, pop singer Dua Lipa started a viral Twitter uproar after a United Airlines flight attendant refused to accommodate her sister’s severe nut allergy.

Many major airlines have had their fair share of scandals, although over the past year, United has undergone a series of incidents that have made national news time after time. Whether it has been mistreatment of customers or the mishandling of pets, United has continued to shame its brand with their cliché apologies and inability to properly communicate with costumers.

Image Source: United Airlines

Unlike viral videos or a bystander’s hearsay, Dua Lipa’s 2.39 million Twitter following left United with nowhere to run and hide. Lipa tweeted that, after explaining to her flight attendant that her 17 year-old sister, Rina, had a severe allergy to nuts, he replied that “[United] is not a nut free airline, so if [her sister] has an epi-pen, she might have to use that as [United] can’t not serve other passengers in [her] section nuts.” Uhm… what?

2,300 responses, 4,300 retweets and 39,000 likes later, I guess you could say people were just as baffled. United told People magazine in a recent article that they have “spoken to Ms. Lipa directly to apologize for her experience,” and even met her once she landed to show their concern. United also said that they “cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment on-board.” While the airline never promised to be nut-free, it sure seems that they could have done more to alleviate Lipa’s concern (like inform passengers that someone with a severe allergy was on the flight). Another day, another PR nightmare for United.

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