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Move Over Four-Loko. Colt 45 is Back.

Move Over Four-Loko. Colt 45 is Back.

Whether it’s Jennifer Anniston with Smart Water, or Fergie looking sexy sipping a Dr. Pepper, one would be hard pressed these days to find a beverage being promoted without celebrity endorsement. Between being bombarded with product placements in the movies we see, the TV shows we watch, and in the music we listen to, the blatant dependency on Hollywood hype has crept out of the subliminal and into the mainstream of advertising culture. And it’s here to stay.

Enter the NEW Colt 45. And no, the new marketing campaign’s not going to be led by Billy Dee Williams and “the power of Colt 45—it works every time.” This time around, the new and extremely creative (tongue in cheek? definitely.) owners of the malt-liquor brand will launch Blast by Colt 45 today—April 5th (that’s 4-5, for those who may be a little slow)—with the help of Snoop Dogg. Said to have signed a long-term marketing agreement, Snoop will be paid the big bucks to be seen promoting the product during live music events and TV appearances. Although the company declined to discuss the terms of the rapper’s deal, they did say that millions of dollars were being put into Blast’s launch. Must be hard being famous.

According to The WSJ, the level of alcohol in the 23.5-oz. can of Blast is the same as the amount in 4 regular 12-oz. beers. The line of fruity, high in sugar, malt beverages will include flavors such as strawberry lemonade and raspberry watermelon, with the artificial coloring to match. Sounds like a recipe for blacking out followed by a hangover from hell to me, but priced at roughly $7 for a six-pack, its flavoring and colorful packaging should be attractive to…well, people looking for a cheap drunk and underage drinkers. How convenient…

I wonder how long it will take before the lawmakers and anti-alcohol groups that lobbied against Four Loko begin to protest…Snoop Dogg or no.

Posted by Emily

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