MTV Gives Millennials Another Reason to Feel Awesome

The Millennial Generation (also known as Generation Y, the Echo Boomers and Generation Next) can be described as follows: A generation of culturally liberal, technologically-savvy teens and 20-somethings born to Baby Boomers between 1982 and 1995. In addition to a neoliberal approach to politics and economics, Millennials are also intensely concerned with expression and acceptance (thanks, Facebook) and a penchant for delaying adulthood by choosing to live at home with their parents and working as a barista or a bike messenger because signing up for that corporate gig really doesn’t “mesh” with their life plan of making the world a better place (thanks, $160K college loans). [Further reading: The Wall Street Journal recently published an essay on male Millennials, titled “Where Have the Good Men Gone?”]

In order to speak to this juggernaut of marketing and consumerism opportunity, brands must get down to the Millennials’ level (see: American Apparel). Next to jump on the Millennial’s fixed-speed bandwagon is MTV, whose head of programming, David Janollari, recently announced a pilot about “the Millennial Generation’s experience entering young adult life and the workforce in today’s economic climate.” It’s further described as an exploration into the “post-college reality versus the amplified expectations…all the firsts from love, family, friends and career in today’s post-Gen X world.”

Based on the reaction to MTV’s most recent generation-specific series Skins (a whored-up, drugged-out take on teenage life)—parent and family-oriented group outrage; teenage ego boost and validation of “bad” behavior involving sex and drugs—I’m sure this series will be another winner. Just what the Millenials need—a self-important showcase for their suspended childhood.

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