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Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing

Image Source: Shoji Morimoto via

At a time when social isolation is high and loneliness abounds, one Japanese man by the name of Shoji Morimoto has made headlines recently for his unique business offering companionship and human presence, which he describes as “rent-a-person who does nothing” (himself).

That’s right, since 2018 for a price tag of 10,000 yen (the equivalent of about $95) plus transportation/food/drink, Morimoto has offered his services as someone who can “eat and drink, and give simple feedback, but do nothing more.” He came up with the concept after being let go from a job in publishing and realizing that rather than try to be good at “something,” he should simply embrace doing “nothing.”

This career path strategy seems to have worked, as demand for his presence has been consistent if not surging, especially during the pandemic. By some accounts he’s been hired at least 3,000 times for his services, ranging from accompanying someone to the movies, to visiting a patient in the hospital, to providing moral support for a person serving divorce papers, to countless other instances of just being there. He’s noted that being free of personal or previous connection to his clients helps them greatly, as he serves as a purely neutral being to aid loneliness without judgement…such a simple and stunning truth.

Morimoto’s unusual contribution to the world has not surprisingly caught the attention of many a media outlet of late, proving that sometimes seemingly nothing can result in something extraordinary.

Posted by Karen