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Musings on Politics from a Moron?

Musings on Politics from a Moron?

I consider myself relatively intelligent. Made it through law school, passed two bar exams (on the first try and at the same time) and, for the past five years, have run what some would consider to be a successful business. Despite all of this, every time I pick up the paper (long live Boston as a two paper town!) and read the stories emanating from the State House, it makes me feel beyond mentally challenged. For as long as I’ve lived in this town, I’ve been amazed at the crap these people get away with. Over the past few weeks, however, it’s been unprecedented. Maybe it’s magnified by the current economic conditions or the completely out-of-touch persona Patrick’s been rocking, I don’t know. All I do know is that every time I read another story, I feel increasingly moronic. Here are a few examples of government at its best of late:

  • Despite cuts slashing everything from after school programs to crime prevention efforts, House lawmakers somehow felt justified to add dozens of pork-barrel amendments to the legislation. $150,000 to study the winter moth? Are you fucking kidding me?
  • God bless Alan LeBovidge. He shaves five thousand measly dollars a month off of the Mass Turnpike’s budget by turning off the lights of an iconic Boston landmark. How about shaving money off of the overtime hourly rate of the guys who collect the money in the toll booths? Thirty-three bucks an hour (soon to be $55) to sit on my ass and count change? 617-375-9700–give me a call the next time 17 workers call in “sick” on a holiday weekend.
  • Marian Walsh. Enough said.
  • Did Senate President Therese Murray really say “Ka-ching” in response to bringing casinos to Massachusetts? Really?
  • Why does anyone in today’s world get a “lifetime job guarantee” and pension until death? I don’t care if we’re talking public workers or private (give it up Boston Globe. Seriously). Most of us bust our asses to make a living and save money for retirement by 60 or 65. Why should someone who drives an MBTA trolley car for 20 years or a legislator pushed out for ethics violations get to feed at the trough for the rest of his life?

So while I get that it must be my subpar intelligence that prevents me from understanding why this kind of behavior is allowed to continue, in my naiveté, I can’t help but long for someone to come on the scene who is a true leader, someone who does what’s right for the long term. There is an opportunity for someone to go down in history as a visionary who made shit happen. I think it’s fair to speak on behalf of Howie Carr readers everywhere…come out, come out, from wherever you’re hiding and help a Commonwealth out!

Posted by Marlo