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In a previous post I mentioned how I’m not a shoe-obsessed type of gal… BUT, I can’t deny that I’m not a makeup junkie. I love Sephora so much that I probably drop about $100 a month in that store on shimmer blush sticks, bronzers, lip glosses and more. I have a huge professional make-up travel kit filled to the brim with make-up, and I love reading about (and testing out) new make-up lines.

One line that hasn’t made its way to the shelves of Sephora yet (check out Space N.K. instead) is called Purple Lab, and they’ve recently launched a set of lip glosses called “Huge Lips Skinny Hips.” These lip glosses contain hoodia and claim to help keep you skinny but your lips nice and plump! Hoodia, a cactus-like plant, is considered an appetite suppressant because it tricks your brain into thinking you feel full. Most people recommend starting with about 400 mg of hoodia, three times a day, before meals. They then say you can increase the dosage as high as 1000 mg, three times daily. The lip gloss box lists hoodia extract as one of the very last ingredients, which means there’s hardly any of it in there! How the heck is this gloss going to have any effect on my appetite?  I decided to give it a shot for three days to see if this stuff has the potential to actually work. I even jotted down what I ate and how I felt every day before, during and after my meals. Flash-forward three days and I didn’t really experience one hunger-curbing situation whatsoever. It’s okay though — I’m not nixing this line off my “like” list.

Overall, the consistency is not glossy (it seems to form a soft, emollient feeling over the lips like chapstick) but the smell is pretty good and it tastes minty and delicious.  Over the past three days of the test one co-worker said my lips looked fuller (I agreed) and one noted that something smelled good as she walked by right after I applied it. As much as I wasn’t ravenous over the course of the three days, I refuse to believe it had to do with the hoodia present in the gloss. If you’re a sucker for tasty lip gloss and neat packaging, then I would give Huge Lips Skinny Hips glosses a whirl. If you’re in need of a new diet trick/tool to help you squeeze into the itsy bikini by Memorial Day, well, consider pavement (and your dusty running sneakers) your new best friends.

Posted by Brianne