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My Favorite Palin

My Favorite Palin

I love a good plastic surgery story. And by “good,” I obviously mean “unrecognizable, not subtle and completely over the top.“ Could explain why I like to cruise every few weeks to stay abreast of the trends. A girl’s gotta know when silicone’s back in style and saline takes a back seat, right?

The latest “star” to succumb to the wily, alluring promises of plastic surgery is none other than teen mom poster child Bristol Palin. Judging from the photos above (thanks Gawker), where new Bristol looks like a low-rent (is that even possible?), formerly fat version of Ashley Dupre, I’d have to agree with their assessment that it looks like Ms. Bristol went and cashed in her abstinence spokesperson check and hit the doctor’s office…hard.

Congrats, Bristol—you’re just like Farrah from Teen Mom!

Posted by Amelia

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