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My Imaginary Jungle Abode marlo marketing

My Imaginary Jungle Abode

Image Source: Sunset

We’ve all seen the interior trend that is currently taking over social media feeds everywhere; those jealousy-inducing, plant-filled interiors that are only achievable by those who have an exceptional green thumb. I, unfortunately, am not blessed with even a green thumbnail. Somehow every plant that I have ever bought has managed to die, or be eaten by my cat, within a matter of weeks. The problem with plants, unlike cats, is that they don’t knock things off your dresser every morning at 6 AM until you get out of bed and feed them. This poses a very serious problem for people like me, who want to have a jungle oasis to return home to every night. Instead, what I usually end up with is a plant graveyard.

It seems that almost every interior photo of an apartment I have come across in the last few months has featured at least one piece of potted greenery. After my recent discovery that Amazon sells all sorts of plants, I have decided to try again. After drawing much inspiration from Instagram, I have mentally curated a small selection of a few hard-to-kill plants due to arrive on my doorstep next week. Check back in two months and I’ll let you know if they’re still alive!

Posted by Catherine