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Is Your Life ‘Normal’?

Is Your Life ‘Normal’?

Jumping on the bandwagon of popular sites like and, My Life is Average has emerged on the scene.

MLIA (yes, it even has an abbreviation like its predecessor, FML) tells the not-so-horrific stories of one’s day. With the slogan, “Life is pretty normal today”, MLIA allows you to submit 1-2 line stories in FML-style as well as vote on your favorite submissions.

It seems it’s the little things, one’s seemingly simple-minded thoughts, texts from last night and horror stories, that people enjoy sharing these days. I can’t help but wonder—why is that? Why do we enjoy checking Facebook statuses (‘oh-my-gosh, Mike is watching True Blood tonight too’?) or compulsively updating our Twitter page to see the latest tweets (‘Free donuts today at Dunkin!’) to pass the time? I am sure everyone has their own insight as to why we love the feeling of connectedness via the internet, but I happen to think that it’s because most people truly enjoy reading about other people.

We shamelessly get a good laugh from weird high school classmates that post oddities on their Facebook page and maybe let out a gasp of astonishment from crazy FML tales. It all boils down to one simple fact: people are our entertainment. Their triumphs, tribulations and horror stories have become our muse.

So what’s the deal with the latest addition to ‘people stories’ on the internet?

Well, I have to say, after visiting the website and perusing through the hundreds of MLIA submissions, I think FML and Texts From Last Night are funnier and more creative (not to say there aren’t a few exceptions on MLIA…). But hey, the good news is that the next time you feel like sharing your not-so-unique day, there’s now a place to reveal it!

Here’s a taste of

“Today I was driving and a light up ahead turned yellow. I started to speed up hoping I would look like a badass for making the yellow. Then I realized I was not a badass in any way, shape, or form and slowed back down. MLIA”

“Today, a girlfriend made a joke to me about girls who wear bras and panties that don’t match, and how ridiculous that is. I laughed. My bra and panties have never matched once on purpose. I didn’t know they where supposed to. MLIA”

“Today, I pushed on a door saying ‘pull’. It still opened. I giggled silently to myself pleased with my small triumph. MLIA”

Posted by Alyssa