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My New Favorite Blog

My New Favorite Blog

I’m not a huge blog follower.  There, I’ve admitted it.  I already read so much every day, it’s the rare person who has succeeded in getting me to eagerly click on the  “favorites” tab at the top of my browser on a regular basis. But there’s been a few.  There was that great restaurant scene blog a while back…until it imploded due to being based on nothing but bullshit lies, malice and mental instability, that is.  I had a friend who dutifully chronicled every day of her baby’s life….I think that one got to me through a kind of a voyeuristic sense of motherhood (Warning, warning: this could be you!! Stay away from anything with a penis!!).  Of course, ever since it launched last month I’ve been in love with this thing called Have a feeling that one’ll be a lasting relationship 😉  But yesterday one of my colleagues alerted me to a blog that, well, I can just tell I’ll be reading regularly (and not only because it rhymes with my favorite word!).

Shucked launched on February 5, 2009.  Penned by local writer Erin Byers Murray, it’s set to chronicle the experiences of someone who’s “given it all up” to go spend the year learning how to grow oysters.  How fu…I mean, shuckin’, cool is that?

Now, this blog post isn’t a suck up so when Erin re-joins the work world my clients are looked upon favorably…anyone who knows me (or, for that matter, anyone who read that super flattering piece in Boston mag last year) knows that’s hardly the way I roll.  And it’s not because I know the Island Creek guys (at this point, who doesn’t…but I think Skip would agree I was one of the first on the IC bandwagon thanks to their very well-designed set-up at the IBSS back in 2005!), or that I really care all that much about how oysters grow.  Nope…it’s because in the three posts I’ve read, it’s witty, real and just damn good writing about a girl throwing caution to the wind…and that’s definitely something to which I can relate.  So while I’m sure I’ll learn about Erin’s exploits when I see her out and about, I’m glad that now there’s a way I can get my fix in real time..because everyone needs a little inspiration now and again.

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