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My New Year’s Resolution is to Drink More Wine marlo marketing. My New Years Resolution is to Drink More Wine.

My New Year’s Resolution is to Drink More Wine

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It’s a new year, and to celebrate… all your friends are going sober for the month of January! Wait.. what? Yup, Dry January or “Dryuary” is an ever-growing trend year after year. While I completely agree with and understand the good intentions behind Dryuary, especially for those people who drink a lot, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to drink more wine. Yes – more wine! So while my friends are paying $18 for mocktails this month, you’ll catch me savoring a nice glass of an Italian red.

Now, you may be thinking this is an odd resolution. Am I an alcoholic? Am I simply intent on being unhealthy? Neither of these are the case. Simply put, I am exhausted by the American idea that our worth is determined by our productivity. Obviously, at work, it is important to be productive! But, in my personal life, I am choosing to savor slow moments and not become burned out by this idea of constantly having to do something. What does this have to do with wine? When I say that I resolve to drink more wine, I mean I will take the time to sit down with a friend, sip slowly on a nice glass of wine and catch up. This one glass of wine, to me, represents hours of time well spent. Time not burdened by the nagging idea of having to be productive. Because it’s also important to be happy, to be rested and to spend time with people you love. That’s my kind of resolution.

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